Reduce your Carbon Footprint with LED Lights

LED lights

Our actions have an impact on the environment whether we like it or not, but doing a good deed for the planet can be as easy as switching to LED lights in your home.

We all know that as human beings, the choices we make have a huge impact on the future of our planet and the future generations that will inhabit it. For this reason, we should all have a level of responsibility for our personal impact on the world. Technological advancements have given us the option to choose environmentally friendly products that reduce our carbon footprint. A small but impactful change that you can make in your home to help the environment is to switch to LED lights.

LED Lights are Non-Toxic
Traditional fluorescent strip lights which are often used in commercial buildings contain the harmful chemical, mercury. When fluorescent lights are disposed of, the mercury pollutes the surrounding environment. It is also not a simple process to dispose of these lights as a pickup would need to be arranged with a registered waste carrier. On the other hand, LED lights do not have any of the environmentally destructive characteristics of fluorescent lights and are also easy to dispose of. By using LED lights you are stopping more toxic waste from contaminating the environment.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient
LED lights use far less energy to create an even better result than fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED lights are 80% more efficient than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts. 95% of the energy used by LED lights is converted into light, while only 5% of the energy used by fluorescent or incandescent lights is turned into light. Traditional lighting wastes up to 95% of their energy and is turned into heat instead of light. To bring this comparison into perspective, an 84 watt fluorescent light bulb can be replaced with a 36 watt LED light bulb to get the same amount of light. Making the transition over to LED bulbs will decrease greenhouse gas emissions as well as your personal carbon footprint.

LED Lights Last Longer
By transitioning over to LED lighting you will be pleased to find out that these lights will last you up to six times longer than traditional lighting. Since LED lights last longer, fewer replacements are necessary which means that fewer lights need to be produced. Reducing production will also reduce carbon emissions by getting rid of the unnecessary pollution created during manufacturing and transportation.

Less Lighting is Necessary
One of the great properties of LED lighting is that these lights concentrate light in one direction to illuminate what needs to be illuminated. Traditional lighting disperses light in all directions and often ends up illuminating unnecessary places, like your ceiling. Fewer LED lights can be used to get the same effect as a larger amount of traditional light bulbs. With fewer lights you will be using less energy and spending less money on your utility bills.

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