Take the guesswork out of managing your home's utility bills.

    • Lock in your energy or gas rates for up to 5 years and enjoy stability on every bill.

    • Choose a plan that suits your needs best and forget about time-of-use rates.

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Every month, thousands of homeowners like yourself are switching to fixed-price gas and energy.

Natural Gas & Electricity
Fixed Supply Rates

Choose Fixed Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Rates for your home and be protected from future energy rate increases for the duration of your agreement. Join millions of customers who have chosen fixed electric and natural gas supply rates. Enter your Postal / Zip Code and see residential gas and electricity rates we have to offer. Make a smart and informed decision when selecting an energy provider and the right energy program for your home..

Price Protection
and Peace of Mind

Energy price volatility is very obvious during hot summers and cold winters. So when it comes to energy costs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fixed Energy rates are the best way to be in control of your energy bills and be confident in your choice. Experience no more surprises with your utility bills and be protected from price volatility even if the whether changes and market prices increase.

Flexible Programs
That Work For You

With flexible fixed rate energy supply programs you can select the plan that fits your needs the closest. You can fix your energy supply rate for up to a 5 year period and quickly witness the dramatic effect on your average natural gas and electricity bills. We aim to provide customers with the best energy plans available. Choose a plan that works for you!

Green Energy Options

Our green energy program helps support environmental initiatives that protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases within participating provinces and states. By signing up for our green energy program you ensure that the electricity you use is 100% carbon neutral, eliminating your electricity footprint and providing a cleaner and healthier environment.

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  • “We might’ve been skeptical at first, but now we’re just regretting not switching sooner!”

    - Beth & Dave, Brampton

  • “I actually smile when I tear open my gas bill every month, who else can say that?”

    - Kiera Mills, Toronto

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Why does it make sense to lock your energy rates?

Energy Marketers are able to buy energy in large volumes at wholesale rates for a period of up to five years. This allows customers to purchase energy at a fixed price from energy marketers and be protected from any increase in the commodity supply for the duration of the agreement.

Who should I contact if there are any emergencies, gas leaks or shortages with energy supply?

Please contact your local gas or electricity utility for any emergencies, gas leaks or supply shortages you may be experiencing. Local utility emergency contact information can be found on your utility bills.

If I choose fixed rate, how will I be billed?

You won’t receive any extra bills as your local utility will continue to deliver energy to your home and your fixed rate will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill. It’s really that easy and simple!

What happens if I move?

If you move, no problem! You can conveniently take your protection program agreement with you to your new location.

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