Did you know proper sealing saves energy?

sealing saves energy

Caulking and Sealing Saves Energy – weatherstripping and caulking helps to keep heat and air conditioned air where it should be – in your home!

Constantly heating and cooling your home will not do much if your home has air leaking right out of it due to gaps between framing and door frames and other gaps in the house. Proper sealing saves energy because it is used to seal those gaps around moving and still parts in your home such as windows, doors, plumbing and more. Expanding foam caulk can fill gaps between doors and frames and non expending insulating foam can be used on things like baseboard, ceiling and tiles.

Outlets and Switches

When you seal the penetration around the cables and electrical conduits through the ceiling and floors, air can still find a way to get to outlets and switches. Remove cover plates on the electrical boxes and seal the space around it or fill the gaps with non-expanding foam and install the insulator. You can also stop air from passing through by plugging unused slots with insulated covers. Sealing saves energy!

Sealing Baseboards and Caulking at the Ceiling

Air can find a way inside the house and easily slip through the gaps between the bottom edges of the drywall and flooring. Remove baseboards and use non expanding insulating foam to fill these gaps. Baseboard sealing saves energy because it is an effective way to stop air from slipping through the gaps. Air also can find a way through the recessed lighting fixtures and it rises towards the attic. Removing the trim pieces and sealing the edges with caulk helps to trap the air. Consider replacing lighting with UL-approved aright fixtures as well. If you have drop ceilings there may be cracks and gaps on the original ceiling so you will need to remove the ceiling tiles and fill gaps with silicone caulk.

Caulking Plumbing and More

Often air finds a way through plumbing and electrical lines and slips through the penetrations where they go through the walls, cabinets and flooring. Follow the lines and fill these gaps around the penetrations with non expanding insulating foam. Also follow plumbing supply and waste line check under floors, cabinets and in the attic. Seal bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans around exterior vents with silicone caulk.

For more information on how sealing saves energy contact MyFixRate.

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